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World Science News Update

New Scientist - News

New Scientist - News
  • Sleep loss in mice sends the brain’s immune cells into overdrive. This might be helpful in the short term, but could increase the risk of dementia in the long run

  • People in the US stand to lose sleep as the climate warms – and those in hotter countries will be harder hit

  • When it comes to buying or borrowing goods, overall cost for society is smallest when people charge for lending

  • Almost 900 climate change cases have now been filed in 24 countries, and the Paris climate agreement could provide a further boost to litigation efforts

  • Algorithms with a taste for exploration can learn how to play video games and might be able to pick up other skills much faster than conventionally taught AIs

  • Any surviving debris from a collision would forge a new patchwork moon – so that’s not how Saturn got its rings

  • There is less plastic in our oceans than expected because life is evolving the ability to biodegrade it, one team is claiming  

  • Dolphins have a special way of preparing the octopuses they eat – but when that goes awry the consequences can be deadly

  • Male seed beetles use sharp spikes on their penises to damage females during sex, but females are evolving thicker tissue to resist them

  • Long-tailed macaques living near an Indonesian temple have learned how to steal human possessions, including cash, and then trade them for food

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