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World Science News Update

New Scientist - News

New Scientist - News
  • The new claims are a blow for the theory – but the ongoing saga of a fiendish 500-page proof could expose fundamental flaws in the way mathematicians work

  • Adversarial images that trick computers into seeing what isn’t there are a big problem for AI – but mimicking human perception might provide a fix

  • A small robot could travel through your gut and collect mucus in a vacuum bag to help make diagnosing stomach diseases safer and less painful

  • Michael Atiyah, a famed UK mathematician, claims that he has a "simple proof" of the Riemann hypothesis, a key unsolved question about the nature of prime numbers

  • Being told not to remember something makes you less likely to remember it in future – and now a study has found this can happen without you even realising it

  • Passing a gentle electric current through the abdomen encourages bowel movements in people with chronic constipation, a clinical trial has found

  • The weird ‘Ediacaran’ fossils have stumped scientists for decades - now fat molecules found inside some of them confirm they are the most ancient animals we know

  • It may be possible to restore damaged parts of the Great Barrier Reef by electrically stimulating coral fragments grown on underwater metal frames

  • Humans but not animals learn that symbols like ‘2’ and ‘4’ represent numbers by recruiting a unique set of neurons to identify them

  • Octopuses respond to ecstasy in the same way as we do, suggesting the basis for social behaviour evolved more than 500 million years ago

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