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World Science News Update

New Scientist - News

New Scientist - News
  • The small, cool star TRAPPIST-1 is one of the best places to look for life in the Milky Way: its seven rocky planets might all have water and atmospheres

  • Independent report concludes the massive subsidies for wood energy are increasing greenhouse emissions, and are a waste of public money

  • Software called DeepCoder has solved simple programming challenges by piecing together bits of borrowed code

  • A review of 95 studies suggests we should be eating 10 portions of fruit and veg a day to reduce our chances of dying from a heart attack or cancer

  • People living in the Atacama desert of Chile evolved specific gene mutations over the past 7000 years that make them better at detoxifying the heavy metal

  • Lampreys engage in prolonged sex sessions where the females pretend to mate with 10 or more males – all the while waiting for "the one"

  • Skull shape tells us that some early inhabitants of the Americas kept to themselves, and that South America saw at least two distinct waves of colonisation

  • The therapy gives the immune system the tools to flush out HIV, meaning daily drugs can be ditched – one man has been free of them for seven months

  • A fresh attempt to revive full planet status for Pluto is a non-starter. Astronomer Michael Brown explains why hopes of a comeback are futile

  • Russia's Soyuz rocket - currently the only way to get to the International Space Station - has had its first successful trip since a failed launch in December, restoring astronauts' ability to get to space

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