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World Science News Update

New Scientist - News

New Scientist - News
  • People who work as welders, sewing-machine operators, and aircraft pilots may be more likely to develop amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a motor neurone disease

  • Regularly spaced notches on a raven's wing bone appear to have been carved for aesthetic reasons, with implications for Neanderthal intelligence

  • A rarely-seen deep-sea octopus eats zooplankton and a gelatinous, low-calorie food – jellyfish – and may use them as tools to catch food and feed through

  • Algorithms that make judicial and financial decisions about people perpetuate racial or gender bias in the data they learn from. There's a way to clean it up

  • A rare retrograde asteroid has been spotted in Jupiter's orbital zone - and nudges from the giant planet may have kept it stable there for a million years

  • Teaching machine learning algorithms to recognise objects in a more human-like way could make it easier for us to trust them in systems like driverless cars

  • New observations finally reveal why an odd planetary nebula is so chilly: two stars met their end in close quarters

  • Nearly a quarter of premature deaths from air pollution worldwide happen in countries that manufacture goods for export

  • A new prediction says 2017 and 2018 will see major Lyme disease outbreaks in new areas. This could lead to lifelong health consequences, so where's the vaccine?

  • Sofosbuvir can cost up to €55,000 for a course of treatment. Charities hope revoking the patent would allow far cheaper generics to cure hepatitis C in Europe

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