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World Science News Update

New Scientist - News

New Scientist - News
  • Evidence of the first early bread suggests humans were baking with wheat and oats thousands of years before they began farming the cereals

  • The UK government is funding the development of spaceports in Scotland and Cornwall, but plans for US firms to launch small satellites could run afoul of US export laws

  • A study has found that CRISPR can delete large chunks of DNA, suggesting it could cause cancer if used to treat diseases by editing many cells in the body

  • Researchers have developed a sticky sheet that could allow a wirelessly-powered LED chip to be stuck inside the body to deliver "photodynamic therapy"

  • The flurry of cabinet resignations in the aftermath of the Chequers agreement leaves the UK at serious risk of crashing out of the EU without a deal

  • The worker bees that form “hot defensive bee balls” are effectively kamikaze fighters, with the heat from the ball shortening their life expectancy

  • AIs that can match humans at abstract reasoning would be very useful, but testing them is difficult. Now Google DeepMind says it has a solution

  • Minuscule machines that act as sensors in smartphones and other devices can be made from crystals extracted from discarded wood instead of silicon

  • Wounds and burns could one day be treated by the material spiders use to make their webs

  • Ireland is set to become the first country to sell off all its investments in fossil fuels, but efforts to limit global warming must go much further

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    Contact Info

    Omoniyi Street, Via Agbogbo Filling Stattion , Akure-Owo Express way, Akure
    Science Technology
    Physics Electronics Unit, Department of Science Technology, The Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti
    Science & Computer Studies
    Lecturer III


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    My CV/Resume


    NAME IN FULL:                                                       ADESUNLORO Gbenga Michael

    Post Desired & Department:                                  Lecturer  III

    Date and Place of Birth:                                         13th June, 1983 at Akure.

    Age:                                                                            31

    Sex:                                                                            Male

    Local Govt. Area:                                                      Akure

    State  of Origin:                                                        Ondo

    Nationality:                                                                Nigerian

    Permanent Home Address:                                    15, Erifun Layout,

                                                                                        Via Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State.


    Present Postal Address:                                         Adesunloro Alfred F.

    P.O. Box 2021, Ado-Ekiti


    Cell Phone. No.                                                       08063041951


    E-mail Address                                                         gadesunloro&





    A.B. ADEDEJI Statistical Consulting                                                                               2010

    University of Ibadan, Ibadan                                                                                              2007-2010

    ObafemiAwolowo University (Adeyemi), Ondo                                                              2001-2005

    Christ’s School, Ado-Ekiti                                                                                                  1993-1999

    Methodist Primary School, Ado-Ekiti                                                                                1988-1993




    Diploma in Office Technology and Software Development                                         2010

    Master of Science in Physics (Solid Earth & Space Unit)                                            2010

    Bachelor of Science, Ed. (Physics), (Second Class Upper)                                        2006

    Secondary School Certification (SSCE)                                                                         1999

    Primary School Leaving Certificate                                                                                  1992



    Training on the Use of E-Learning in Higher Institutions                    PTDF Building FEDPOA

    Courses taken

    • Concept of E-Learning
    • Learning Platforms
    • Use of Online & Offline Learning Tools
    • Open Educational Resources (OER)
    • Moodle



    • Masters Degree Scholarship Award                                                                     2010
    • KEBBI NYSC State Government’s Honours Award (1st position)                   2007
    • Most Outstanding Peer Educator Trainer for Kebbi State                                2007  
    • Federal Government Scholarship Award                                                                        2004



    Member, Society for Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA) U.S.

    Member, Nigeria Institute of Physics

    Member, Millenium Development Ambassadors (Teachers Without Borders)         2009

    Professional Member, Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM)                                                2007  





    JOB TITLE:              Part Time Lecturer

    POST:                        Lecturer

    EMPLOYER:                        Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, Ado-Ekiti Study Centre

                                        The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Ado-Ekiti Study Centre

    PERIOD:                   August, 2010-Till Date.

    JOB DESCRIPTION: (i)     Lecture students in Physics and Mathematics courses and conduct

    routine assessment.


    JOB TITLE:              Research/Program Specialist for the NGO

    POST:                        Programme Co-ordinator

    EMPLOYER:                        Kids & Teens Resource Centre, Nigeria

    PERIOD:                   January, 2010- July 2013

    JOB DESCRIPTION: (i)     Writing Grant Winning Proposals for the Organisation

                                          (ii)      Conducting and Supervising  Baseline Survey of Organisation’s

    thematic Activities

                                        (iii)       Supervising and analyzing all Research projects of the organization

    in Ekiti State.

                                        (iv)       Conduct Routine Monitoring and periodic Evaluation of the

    organisation’s projects.

                                        (v)        Write monthly activity report of the Organisation’s projects and

    communicate them to donor and coordinating agencies.

    (vi)       Facilitate training sessions on topical issues organized by the Organisation.

    (vii)      Other activities as may be assigned by the Organisation’s Executive Director.


    JOB TITLE:              Adolescent Reproductive Health/HIV/AIDs Prevention Interpersonal Communication (IPC) Project Among Tertiary Institution Students (University of Ibadan)

    POST:                        Programme Assistant/Logistics Coordinator (Volunteer Consultancy


    EMPLOYER:                        The Society for family Health, Ibadan/The University of Ibadan Youth

    Friendly Centre.

    PERIOD:                   June, 2008-September, 2009.

    JOB DESCRIPTION: (i)     Selection of Volunteer Students (IPC Conductors) with the Project


                                        (ii)        Mobilization of Volunteer Students for Capacity Building.

                                          (iii)     Coordination of Logistics for Project Implementation in terms of

    venue arrangement for capacity building programme, securing training & other IEC materials for the volunteers.

                                        (iv)       Routine monitoring and mentoring of IPC Conductors activities on

    the Campus.

                                          (v)      Planning outreach programme for the Campus populace during

    special events such as Matriculation, Departmental/Hall week, valentine day etc.


    JOB TITLE:                  Adolescent Reproductive Health, ARH, HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care


    POST:                        Orientation and Master Trainer (Field Consultant, B & C Field)

    EMPLOYER:                        United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF)/National Youth Service Corps


    PERIOD:                   March, 2007- March, 2009.

    JOB DESCRIPTION: (i)     General Sensitization of Corps members in NYSC Camps during

    the three weeks Orientation course on ARH, HIV/AIDS issues.

                                          (ii)      Intensive Training of Volunteer Corps members on ARH, HIV/AIDS


                                         (iii)      Mid-Term monitoring and evaluation of trained NYSC Peer

    Educator Trainers in their places of primary assignment.


    JOB TITLE:              Part Time Lecturer.

    POST:                        Lecturer/Tutor.

    EMPLOYER:                        The Elect’s Academy (University Embassy), An Advance Level

    Educational Institute Iwo Road-Ojoo/University of Ibadan Agbowo Junction, Ibadan, Nigeria.

    PERIOD:                   July, 2008 – July, 2009

    JOB DESCRIPTION: (i)     Preparing Students for Cambridge/IJMB Advanced Level

    Examinations in Physics and Mathematics through Tutorials and routine assessment.


    JOB TITLE:              The National Youth Service Community Development Service

    (CDS) Group

    POST:                        Director of Programmes

    EMPLOYER:                        Kebbi State School for the Handicapped, BirninKebbi

    PERIOD:                   September, 2006-August, 2007

    JOB DESCRIPTION: (i)     Classroom Teacher-Physics, Mathematics and Computer Studies.

                                          (ii)      Plan for, and Coordinate C-PET CDS Group activities with the

    Executive Committee.



    EMPLOYER:                        The Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti.

    JOB TITLE:              Lecturer

    STATUS:                  Lecturer III

    SALARY:                   CONC 3-01 (# ……….per Annum)

    PERIOD:                   July, 2013-Till Date.

    JOB DESCRIPTION: (i)     Lecture students in Physics courses for ND & HND students and conduct routine assessment.

                                        (ii)   Course Coordinator, HND I Physics Electronics students





    (a)       On-going Research

    • Geological Significance of soil gas radon in Ondo, Ogun and Lagos States of



    (b)       Research Completed but not yet published  

    • Radon Measurements as Earthquake Precursor, Geological Prospection and Location of Area of Geological Faults in Nigeria.  A Case Study OdoOna Region of Ibadan. (M.Sc Thesis)
    • Content and Purity Testing of Underground Water: A Case study of Lipakala-Okeodunwo regions of Ondo Town.
    • Gender, School Location and School Type as Determinant Factors of Students’ Performance in Physics.
    • Knowledge, Attitude, Behaviour and Practices of young people in Ondo State about HIV/AIDs and people living with it.
    • Pragmatic Perspective to Community Home Based Care Services to People Living with HIV/AIDs in Ekiti State.  A survey of Home Based Care project of Kids & Teens Nigeria.
    • The Availability, Knowledge and Efficiency of Dual Protection Media as Prevention Mode to Pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and HIV/AIDs.
    • Field Research on Identification of Community spaces for Youth intervention in Ondo State, Nigeria.


    (c)       Manuscripts submitted for Publication

                Adolescent Reproductive Health Edutainment: Innovative HIV Prevention Intervention

    through knowing series.



    Fellowship Awards




    (a)  Thesis/Dissertations

    • Radom Measurements as Earthquake Precursor, Geological Prospection and Location of Area of Geological Faults in Nigeria.  A case study OdoOna Region of Ibadan. ((M.Sc Thesis)
    • Content and Purity Testing of Underground Water: A Case Study of Lipakala-Okeodunwo regions of Ondo Town.
    • Gender, School Location and School Type as Determinant Factors of Students’ Performance in Physics.



    ·         International Conference of The School of Science, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo. “Space Science Education in Nigerian Secondary Schools” & “SuperSID Monitor: A virtual Telescope for Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance Monitoring”

    ·         5th International Conference of School of Science, The Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti. ”A Review of Environmental Implication of Niger Delta Oil Spillage”

    ·         URC/USAID Harvest meeting on Quality Improvement Piloting of Vulnerable Children Standards                                                                                                                     May, 2013

    ·         USAID Stakeholders Dissemination on PEPFAR VC Guidelines                 March, 2013

    ·         Pact/USAID Training on Child-to-Child Approach to Child Participation      July, 2012

    ·         NIBUCAA/Global Fund Workplace Peer Educator Mentors Refresher Workshop on MIPA Workplace   HIV Mainstreaming                                                                          June, 2012


    ·         URC/USAID Training on Quality Improvement Piloting of Vulnerable Children Standards                                                                                                         February, 2012

    • 1st Education Summit on HIV/AIDs in Africa, Abuja                              November, 2011

    ”Monitoring and Reporting the Minimum Prevention Package of HIV Intervention using the PITT v 6.1.3 and DHIS v”   &“Peer Modelling: Building  Capacity of youths as Social and Behaviour Change Influencers among Peers Social and Behaviour Change among in-school youths in Ekiti State”& ”HIV Prevention Intervention for Out-of-school youths in Ado and Ikole cluster”.

    • Results-Based Management Training at West Africa

    Civil Society Institute, Ghana                                                                    August, 2011

    • United Nations/MacArthus Foundation Workshop on

    the National Plan of Action                                                                                    July, 2011

    • Pact Nigeria/USAID Training Workshop on District Health

    Information Software                                                                                   May, 2011

    • Global Fund/NYNETHA Workshop on HIV Intervention

    for Out-of-School Youths                                                                           March, 2011

    • Participatory Workshop for the Development of Ekiti State

    HIV/AIDs Workplan                                                                                     January, 2011

    • European Union Increasing Non State Actors Implementation

    And Development Expertise (EUINSIDE) Direct Capacity

    Building on Organisational Management and Proposal Writing;

    Including Governance and Financial Management.                            October, 2010

    • Global Fund ATM Round 4 Project Implementation Review

    Meeting/GFATM Round 8 Project Implementation Summit for

    Sub Recipients (SSR) organized by the society for family Health, Akure August, 2010

    • Pact Nigeria Training Workshop on Psychosocial Support and

    Nutrition for Community Based NGOs                                                     July, 2010

    • 5th  National Conference on HIV/AIDs held at International

    Conference Centre, Abuja                                                                         May, 2010

    • SACEFA Workshop on Mapping of Ekiti State for the Universal

    Basic Education for All Project                                                                  April, 2010    

    • Pact Nigeria Training of Trainers Workshop on Peer

    Education for Community Based NGOs                                                  Feb., 2010

    • Pact Nigeria Training Workshop on Monitoring, Evaluation,

    Reporting and Learning (MERL) for Community Based NGOs.         March, 2010

    • Pact Nigeria Training Workshop on Community Home Based

    Care for Community Based NGOs                                                           Feb., 2010

    • Pact Nigeria Training Workshop on Child Status Index

    Tools for Community Based NGOs                                                          Feb., 2010

    • Pact Nigeria Orientation Training Workshop on Orphans and

    Vulnerable Children for Community Based NGOs                               Feb., 2010

    • UNICEF/NYSC/NYAP Training Workshops on Identification

    of Community Spaces for Youth Intervention in Ondo State              Dec., 2009

    • National Conference of Solid Earth and Space Science,

    The University of Ibadan Conference Centre.                                       August, 2009

    • Peer Educator Trainers Workshop on ARH/Behavioural

    Change Communication by the society for Family Health, Ibadan    April, 2009

    • UNICEF/NYSC Refresher Workshop for Master Trainers at

    Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State                                                                                March, 2009

    • UNICEF/NYSC Refresher Workshop for Orientation Trainers                        March, 2008 
    • Capacity Building programme on HIV Counselling and

    Testing; Organised by Kebbi SACA                                                         August, 2008

    • UNICEF/NYSC Refresher Workshop for Orientation Trainers

    At Zaria, Kaduna State                                                                               March, 2007

    • UNICEF/NYSC Adolescent Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDs

    Prevention and Care Peer Education Training Workshop at

    NYSC Camp, Kebbi State.                                                                         Sept., 2006



    v  Course Adviser, HNDI Physics/Electronics Students, The Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti.

    v  Project Manager, Kids & Teens Resource Centre.




    *           Career Counselling for youths, surfing the Internet, Music





    Prof. (Revd) D.C. UguruOkorie                                       Dr. K.D. Adedayo

    Methodist Gospel Church,                                                 Department of Physics,

    Basiri, Ado-Ekiti.                                                                   Federal University of Technology, Akure

    Nigeria.                                                                                  Nigeria.

    08033971723                                                                       08039115200



    Dr. J.A. Oluwatayo                                                             MrFasaeKolawole Peter

    Senior Lecturer,                                                                   Chief Lecturer,

    Institute of Education,                                                         The Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti

    Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti                                         Ekiti State. Nigeria

    08033964547                                                                       08035689674



















    Academic Qualifications

    Diploma in Office Technology and Software Development                                         2010

    Master of Science in Physics (Solid Earth & Space Unit)                                            2010

    Bachelor of Science, Ed. (Physics), (Second Class Upper)                                        2006

    Secondary School Certification (SSCE)                                                                         1999

    Primary School Leaving Certificate                                                                                  1992

    Professional Affiliations/Membership

    Member, Society for Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA) U.S.                                      2014

    Member, Nigeria Institute of Physics                                                                                        2014

    Member, Millenium Development Ambassadors (Teachers Without Borders)         2009

    Professional Member, Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM)                                       2007

    Published/Unpublished Papers/Journals


    Administrative Duties(Current/Past)

    Time Table Officer,

    Department of Science Technology, SSCS, The Federal Polytechnic,

    Departmental E-Learning Instructor,

    Department of Science technology

    Committee Member,

    Research Group meeting, School of Science & Computer Studies

    My Online (Research/Social) Profile Links

    Area(s) of Specialisation

    Solid  Earth Physics, Radon Measurement, Radio Astronomy, Reproductive & Sexual Health, Monitoring & Evaluation

    Additional Information