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World Science News Update

New Scientist - News

New Scientist - News
  • As Hurricane Maria continues to cause destruction, predictions that 2017 could be the worst hurricane season since 2010 are being borne out

  • A suction cup modelled on how a strange faeces-eater attaches to other fish can withstand a pull of 340 times its weight, letting robots ride sharks and whales

  • The aim of the work is to better understand embryonic development, rather than to see if genome editing could prevent diseases in children

  • Climate change and soil degradation are depleting the nutrients in crops, but now a scanner can analyse grain to help farmers mitigate problems as it grows

  • A huge study of Icelanders suggests that older men pass on four times as many new mutations to their kids than women  

  • Modern aeroplanes are held together with thousands of rivets and fasteners. That could change soon, thanks to 3D-printed weldable alloys

  • A long-standing maths puzzle has 1223 new solutions, more than doubling the number of possible paths three objects can take as they orbit one another

  • Women legally entitled to abortions are attempting to buy pills online because they cannot access clinics due to distance, waiting times and domestic abuse

  • Proxima b, the nearest exoplanet to Earth, may have been captured along with its star instead of born in the dangerous three-star system where it now lives

  • A model of how wave forms of quantum systems collapse reveals a way they could create gravitational fields, and perhaps even reconcile two pillars of physics

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    Computer Science
    Dept of Computer Science
    School of Science and Computer Studies
    Senior Lecturer


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    Academic Qualifications

           i. Master of Technology (M. Tech) Degree in Computer Science                       2005

          ii. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. (Hon)) Degree in Computer Science                     1997

         iii. West African School Certificate (‘O’ Level WAEC Cert)                               1986

    Professional Affiliations/Membership

    i. Institute of Strategic Management, Nigeria (ISMN)                      2012:  ISMN/07/2012/M1887

    ii. Computer Professionals (Reg.Council) of Nigeria (CPN)           2008: 001974/2008

    iii. Nigeria Computer Society (NCS)                                                  2007: 04159

    Published/Unpublished Papers/Journals

    Akintoye, Kayode A. & Araoye, Olalekan I.(2015)

    “A Biometric E-Voting Framework for Nigeria”, Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences & Engineering) 72:1 (2015) 1-6,, eISSN 2180-3722, UTM, Malaysia

    Samson B. Akintoye & Kayode A.  Akintoye (2015)

    “Data Security Scheme for Cloud Computing using Signcryption Based on Hyperelliptic Curves” Journal of Research and Development,  Vol. 2, No. 7, Pg. 10–19, 2015, ZARSMI, UAE, and Regent Business School, South Africa

    Araoye, Olalekan I. & Akintoye, Kayode A. (2015)

    “Security and Reliability Issues in the Deployment of Cloud Computing System” Journal of Research and Development, Vol. 2, No. 7, Pg. 84–90, 2015, ZARSMI, UAE, and Regent Business School, South Africa

    Kayode A. Akintoye & Olalekan I. Araoye (2014)

    “Influence of Information and Communication Technology on the Collective Activities in Nigeria”, International Research Journal, Vol. 3, No. 2, Pg. 66–71, Dec., 2014, School of Science and Computer Studies, FPA, Nigeria

    Kayode A. Akintoye, &Samson B. Akintoye (2014)

    “Influence of Mobile Agent Security in Distributed System” International Journal of Computer Application (0975-8887)   (ISBN: 973-93-80880-23-2) Vol. 87, No. 13, Pg. 14–18, Feb., 2014. Published by Foundation of Computer Science, New York, USA     

    Oni, B.J and Akintoye, K. A. (2013)

    “Light String Leds Efficiently Using MC34063” , International Research Journal, Vol. 3, No. 1,    Pg. 87–89, Dec., 2013 (ISSN: 0794-2303), School of Science and Computer Studies, FPA, Nigeria

    Administrative Duties(Current/Past)

    1. Examination Officer, Computer Studies Dept., The Fed. Poly, Ado, Nigeria     Oct 2014 – Mar 2015
    2. Staff Adviser, Nigeria Association of Computer Science Students (NACOSS) Nov 2012 – Mar 2015
    3. Committee Member, School of Science & Computer Studies International Conf.          Dec 2011 – Mar 2015
    4. Dept. Counsellor, Computer Studies Dept., The Fed. Poly, Ado, Nigeria                      Aug 2009 – Mar 2015
    5. Dept. Coordinator, Entrepreneurship Dev. Program, The Fed. Poly, Ado, Nigeria         Aug 2008 – Oct 2014
    6. Vice-Chairman, Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic(ASUP), Ekiti Chapter   Oct 2010 – Nov 2012
    7. Dept. SIWES Coordinator, Computer Studies Dept., The Fed. Poly, Ado, Nigeria       Aug 2009 – Dec 2011

     viii. Assistant Exam Officer, Computer Studies Dept., The Fed. Poly, Ado, Nigeria    Jan 2007 – July 2009

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    Additional Information