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World Science News Update

New Scientist - News

New Scientist - News
  • Trump’s pick to head NASA may soon be confirmed. The US President has said he wants the space agency to focus on a mission to the moon

  • Most people are much better at identifying colours than smells, but one group of hunter-gatherers from the Malay Peninsula shows the opposite pattern

  • The slick of oil condensate from a stricken tanker in the East China Sea is a threat to all marine life, not least because it is invisible

  • When the sun expands and engulfs Earth, our planet's ashes will brighten the sun and spin it faster. We might be able to watch this happen across the universe

  • Cryptocurrencies are built on the idea that no one institution holds the power. But for bitcoin and ethereum, that’s no longer true

  • A study suggests that men with higher testosterone levels are more likely to prefer genres like heavy metal and soft rock to classical music or jazz

  • Güiñas are the smallest cats in the Americas, smaller than most domestic cats, and they are becoming increasingly rare

  • Seeking to understand other people is better than dismissing them with insults. Trump needs lessons in African history, culture and science, says Curtis Abraham

  • An inhalable drug is designed to move straight from the lungs to the heart, where it is hoped it will prevent the organ from deteriorating after heart attacks

  • Hundreds of clinics offering unregulated stem cell therapies have sprung up across the US and Australia thanks to lax oversight

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    Lane 1, Ilupeju Avenue, Off Poly Road
    Science Technology
    Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti
    Science and Computer Studies,,
    Prrincipal Lecturer


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    My CV/Resume


    Objectives:                 To contribute significantly to the development and accomplishment of organizational goals. To be relevant anywhere I find myself, and to develop my skills and abilities through learning.

    Date of Birth:                        15th May, 1970.

    Place of Birth:           Idanre

    Nationality:                Nigerian

    State of Origin:          Ondo

    Marital Status:           Married

    Sex:                             Male

    Phone:                        +2348088494596

    E-mail:              ,

    Skype name:              akinkuade.tunde

    Postal Address:          Science Technology Department, Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti, P.M.B 5351, Ekiti State, Nigeria

    Educational Institutions Attended:

    • Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria                    (2004 – 2012)
    • Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria                    (2001 – 2003)
    • Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria                                     (1995 – 1997)
    • Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria                                     (1991 – 1993)
    • Ebun Ogunyimika Comprehensive College, Idanre, Ondo State, Nigeria    (1986 – 1988)
    • St. Patrick’s (RCM) Primary School, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria               (1983 – 1983)
    • St. Patrick’s (RCM) Primary School, Idanre, Ondo State, Nigeria               (1982 – 1983)
    • St Helen’s Demonstration Primary School, Ondo, Ondo State, Nigeria      (1981 – 1982)
    • St John’s/Mary’s Demonstration Primary School, Owo, Ondo State, Nig.  (1978 – 1981)


    Academic/Professional Qualifications:

    • Master of Technology (Electronics Instrumentation and Measurement)              (2012)
    • Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) Physics with Electronics                                       (2003)
    • Higher National Diploma (HND) Distinction, Science Technology (Physics/Electronics)


    • National Diploma (ND), Lower Credit, Science Laboratory Technology            (1993)
    • West African School Certificate/General Certificate Examination (GCE)          (1988)





    Academic Projects:

    Design and Construction of a Tensiometer                                                                (1997)

    Construction of an RCL Bridge                                                                                 (2003)

    Simulation of Time-Dependent Linear and nonlinear Relations using an Analogue Computer System                                                                                                                                (2012)


    Work experience:

    Date:                           February, 1998 to February, 1999

    Job Title:                    National Youths’ Service Corp (Instructor)

    Organization:             Technical Training Group, Nigerian Air Force Base, Kaduna, Nigeria.

    Responsibilities:         Teaching Physics at General Academic School.


    Date:                           November, 1999 till date

    Job Title:                    Lecturer

    Organization:             The Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria.

    Responsibilities:         Teaching Physics Courses such as:

                STP 111          Mechanics,     

    STP 112          Heat Energy,

                                        STP 114          Introduction to Digital Electronics,

                                        STP 122          Optics and Waves

                                        STP 211          Electronics

                                        PYE 313         Electric Circuit Theory

                                        PYE 325         Analogue Electronics I

                                        PYE 414         Analogue Electronics II

                                        PYE 415         Digital Electronics

                                        PYE 422         Microelectronics Systems

                                        General Laboratory Technique


    Area of Research:     Electronic materials/Thin film


    Membership of Professional Bodies

    1.         Nigerian Institute of Physics    (Member)

    2.         Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technologists (Member)



    1. 1.      Prof. M. T. BABALOLA,

    Physics Department,

    Afe Babalola University,

          Ado Ekiti, Nigeria


    1. 2.      Dr C. A. OLOGUNDE,

    Department of Science Technology,

    Federal Polytechnic, Ado Ekiti, Nigeria


    3.   Dr R. I. ABOLOMA,

    Department of Science Technology,

    Federal Polytechnic, Ado Ekiti, Nigeria

    Academic Qualifications

    Master of Technology (Electronics Measurement and Instrumentation)

    Postgraduate Diploma(Physics/Electronics)

    Higher National Diploma (Physics/Electronics)

    Professional Affiliations/Membership


    Published/Unpublished Papers/Journals

    1. BABALOLA M.T & AKINKUADE S.T, Design And Construction Of RLC Bridge, BULLETIN OF SCIENCE ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA, VOL 25, 2004. pp73-73
    2. AKINKUADE S. T & FASAE K.P, Design and Construction of a Sun Tracking System, INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNAL. VOL 1, NO 1 June 2007, pp 14-17.
    3. AKINKUADE S.T, GBADEGESIN K.A.J & FASAE K.P, Design and Construction of an Electronic Power meter, SCIENCE RESEARH ANNALS, VOL 3, NO 2, DECEMBER, 2007, PP109-116
    4. FASAE K. P. AKINKUADE S. T. & OLUYEMI F, A Radiometric Survey Of The Federal Polytechnic, Main Campus, Ado-Ekiti; South Western Nigeria, INTERNATIONAL    RESEARCH JOURNAL, 2(1), July, 2010, pp 17-22.
    5. AKINKUADE S.T, Application Of Faraday’s Law In Metal Detection, INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNAL, 2(2), July, 2011, pp 17-20
    6. FASAE K.P & AKINKUADE S.T, A Survey Of Radiation Level In The College Of Education, Ikere-Ekiti, Main Campus,Ekiti State, Southwestern Nigeria, INTERNATIONAL RESEARCHJOURNAL, 2(2), July, 2011, pp 25-32
    7. OWOYEMI A.G, OJI B, AKINKUADE S.T& MOMODU, D.U, The Impact Assessment of Sound Transmission on Monolithic Glass, Laminated Glass and Double Glazed Unit,INTERNATIONAL RESEARCHJOURNAL, 3(1), December, 2013, pp 70-76.
    8. AKINKUADE S.T & ITAKORODE O.D, Design and Construction of a Microcontroller-based ac Power Control  System, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY, VOLUME 3, ISSUE 11, NOVEMBER 2014.
    9. AKINKUADE S. T. & ONI S. A, Design and Simulation of a Wind Speed Measuring System for Cup Anemometer using an 8-Bit Processor, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY, VOLUME 3, ISSUE 12, DECEMBER 2014.
    10. FASAE K. P, IBIKUNLE K.S.O & AKINKUADE S.T, Gross Alpha and Beta Activity Concentrations in Portable Drinking Water in Ado - Ekiti Metropolis and the Committed Effective Dose,  INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED RESEARCH IN PHYSICAL SCIENCES, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 10, DECEMBER 2014, pp1-6

    Administrative Duties(Current/Past)

    i.         Assistant Examination Officer. (Sci Tech Dept)                                                          2000-2003.

    ii.         Departmental Library Officer.                                                                                     2000-2004.

    iii.        Secretary (Academic Staff Meeting, Sci Tech Dept)                                                 2004-2006.

    iv.        Departmental Account Officer                                                                                    2007 till Date.

    v.         Seminar/Project Coordinator (Physics Unit)                                                             2005 – 2008.

    vi.        School Timetable Officer (SSCS)                                                                                  2010 – 2012.

    vii.       Member of Examination Unit (CEDVS)                                                                    2012 till Date.

    viii.      Instructional Designer, FPA e-learning Team                                                           2012 till Date.

    My Online (Research/Social) Profile Links

    Google Scholar:


    Area(s) of Specialisation


    Additional Information